Child Support Lawyer Waukegan IL 60085

Child Support Lawyer Waukegan IL 60085: When considering child support, know that any agreement you may come to with your spouse will not have the weight that other agreements you make during your divorce proceeding. Child support is designed to help your child, not your spouse. Thus, Illinois has taken steps to ensure that your child will receive what it thinks your child needs, rather than what your spouse may think he or she needs. Although payments are determined by a simple formula, that payment may be altered depending on your circumstances.

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How much do you owe at the outset?

The amount the noncustodial parent owes to the custodial parent depends on how many children he or she is supporting. Depending on the number of children, the noncustodial will owe the following percentages of their net income,

20% for one child

28% for two children

32% for three children

40% for four children

45% for five children

50% for six or more children

How can we adjust the formula?

The court can, within its discretion, modify these payments. In doing so, the court will consider the custody agreement itself. If your custody agreement essentially splits the time that each parent will have the children, it is likely that payments will be decreased. If your visitation is limited to every other weekend and a couple of weeks per summer, it probably will not be changed.

In addition to the custodial arrangements, the court will also consider:

The child’s standard of living if the parents had stayed together

The child’s physical and emotional condition

The child’s educational needs

The financial resources and needs of the child and both parents

How can I terminate or modify child support?

To change your child support obligations, you must be able to show a change in material circumstances. Support generally only terminates when the child turns 18. If the child still attends high school at this time, then payments will be extended until they turn 19 or graduate from high school. In some circumstances, you may be required to continue supporting the child while they attend college.