I read all the reviews above and it s exactly what I think of Matt. Matt was my client before I became his client and from what I learned from our interactions is he loves helping people and he is not like others who are only motivated by money. He does this because he loves what he does and he loves people. This is the honest truth and if you meet him you will see that what all these people are saying is very true. Highly recommended

Al. Y. / Naperville, IL

Matthew is a great attorney and an even better man. I’ve known Matt for over 6 years, and he is of the highest professional and personal integrity. I would not hesitate to hire Matt as my personal attorney, nor would any other lawyer that I know; he is truly a lawyer’s lawyer.

Christine, A. / Chicagoland Area

I simply cannot say enough about him. He provides personalized legal services to many individuals in an exceptional, professional manner while demonstrates a sincere concern for each client. He is aggressive when necessary, yet compassionate for the feelings of his clients. I highly recommend Matthew Stanton to any individual who seeks a competent and compassionate attorney

Lindsay, C. / Libertyville, IL

Mr. Stanton helped me through an incredibly emotional OP case in Chicago.

Not only is he a clever and brilliant lawyer, he took the time to listen to me and appreciate what I was going through. Most lawyers just looked at the case and said it would be fine, but they did not try to understand what was going on or how I felt.

From the start, my experience with Mr. Stanton was different. First of all, his assistant, Mary, is incredibly sweet, bright, and helpful. She texted me on her day off, called me after she had gotten home, and went out of her way a number of times to ensure I was taken care of, even though I had never met her. Who does that?! To me it shows that not only is Mary awesome, but that Mr. Stanton must be a decent person, because no assistant would otherwise do all of that!

Within the first few minutes of our consultation, I knew he was the right person for me. He did not pressure me with the stakes if I did not hire a lawyer. He did not dismiss the stress I was in. He listened and even worked with me on the cost of his services due to my circumstances.

In court, he was brilliant. He has a friendly manner which not only extended to me and the people I was with, but my ex, as well. I think it helped make the situation go by a lot more smoothly. While diplomatic and kind toward the other party, there was never a doubt that he had my back the entire time, ensuring that I would be taken care of.

Honestly, you do not have to look any further if you are seeking a lawyer. Just talk with Mr. Stanton and you will see what I am talking about.


Matt Stanton is an excellent attorney who is held in the highest regard by the Judges and lawyers of Lake County, Illinois. He is both an extremely bright and extraordinarily compassionate man who is driven not by money but rather his deep desire to do the best possible job for his clients during their darkest hours.. All who know Matt Stanton consider him trustworthy.skillful and highly competent. For all of these reasons one could not do any better than hiring Matt Stanton for any difficult or emotionally charged legal matter

Paul / Gurnee, IL